Matthew Henderson

college station, tx

The Farthest Peak

Jul 08, 2014

The farthest peak, it's in my view
I think it knows the answers
But it won't tell me what to do
And so it keeps the mystery
Of the way a man's to choose
Hidden far from him

It seems so clear, but then again
If the early smoke is rising 
Just after a morning rain
It can be just like a shadow 
Shifting over and under and through
Things can look so dim

I don't know just why I hold it dear
It offers hope but mixes it with fear
The granite never seems to be as cold
As the fragile hopes and hearts we want to hold

The farthest peak, it's hidden now
The clouds on the horizon
Have overtaken it somehow
Whatever it is they're bringing
It will weather through and then
Ask for more you see


The farthest peak, it's in my view
Sometimes I see it clearly
Sometimes it won't show through
But I always know it's standing
And it seems to be just now
That it's close to me