Matthew Henderson

college station, tx

Song for Songs

Dec 31, 2015

When I looked into your eyes babe
I thought I saw 100 years — of joy
But I’m waiting for your lips
To tell me of some secret place

When you walked me by this morning
Your shadow fell across my heart — for good
Come pass me by again
Let me look into your face

‘Cause you take off everything
That I found so promising
Then we cover all again

I’m shaking but I’m burning
In the aftermath of your powerful mark — on me
From a signifying glance
Surprised to see what love has made

Your voice still coming at me
Electrified on a thousand waves — in time
Like kisses to my ears
On cotton sheets in a summer shade


The curtains pulled on future days
Leave so many doubts
It’s impossible
From where we stand
To work the whole thing out
But if you stayed
If you stayed
You’d see