Matthew Henderson

college station, tx

Killswitch/Mute Pedal

Jul 09, 2013

I recently had someone ask me about how they might build a mute button for their guitar, and it sounded like a fun project to take on for myself as a gift for them. What I decided to make was a simple killswitch stompbox (with a toggle rather than momentary switch for this project).

I dug around for some ideas online and then ordered the parts I needed from Sparkfun. The pieces I ordered for this project were:

That’s it – less than $10 worth of parts – and the result is a pretty fine looking stompbox pedal.


The parts were delivered yesterday, and last night I was able to complete the project in a couple of hours. If I would have known a couple of things before I started, I could have easily completed it in an hour or less.

I made a quick sketch of the tip and ring connections of the input and output jacks through the toggle switch (sorry it’s not more technical).


I used fine sandpaper on the aluminum housing to clean it up a little and give it a brushed look. My drill bit was a little smaller than the holes I needed, but the housing was soft enough that I had no issues widening it to exactly what I needed with the same bit and just a little extra work.


Some of my connections were done by trial and error method. Note that there is a definite input and output jack using this design (my input is on the left). Reversing them will produce quite a hum when “mute” is engaged.

I’m pleased with the end result. I can’t say it would work for anyone else, but for me it turned out to be a good looking, functional device that was cheap, and has proved (for me) to be incredibly quiet.