Matthew Henderson

college station, tx

Team Us

Feb 26, 2019

I thought I knew just where 
I came from – 
A sentimental plot
And pious rememberings.
A deeper story ran
Which I could not see,
That's breaking now into this light
On brilliant wings.

We've stumbled off of many
A side road,
Some freeways on our path
Were not so fine and straight.
This crossroads we'll pass through
By no common help,
Who guards us from the hound 
Of every wicked fate.

A three-strand cord's not quickly torn
That begins and ends with love – 
It binds and lifts and guides a growing trust.
Which of these paths will see our ends?
I'm powerless to speak,
But confident we'll go the course as team us. 

Put to death with my own hand
Some childish dreams,
And reluctantly passed by
Some open doors.
Now the distance we have come
Is worth the thinking on – 
But nothing like the place
We seek forevermore.



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