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Thanksgiving Week

Dec 02, 2019

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Fall Colors

Nov 22, 2019

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Philippines 2019

Aug 19, 2019

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Team Us

Feb 26, 2019

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Bandina Week

May 31, 2017

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Book Review: The Plot to Kill God

Apr 27, 2016

In his book, The Plot to Kill God: Findings from the Soviet Experiment in Secularization, author Paul Froese explains the aims of the Soviet Union’s Communist Party regarding the destruction of religious faith, and reveals their utter failure in attaining that goal. He begins by examining a set of six assertions, developed by a number of philosophers and upheld by Soviet secularist proponents, regarding the nature and origin of religious belief. Each of these assertions are examined in the first chapter, which lays the theoretical groundwork for the reader to better understand the historical record of Soviet attempts to develop supporting policies, whose results were believed would approach a completely atheist state. According to Froese, “the Secularization Experiment tested the extent to which religious vitality or decline are a product of ignorance, ritual activity, social institutions, social rewards, salvation incentives, and church-state relationships” (24).

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Week of November 24, 2019

Thanksgiving Eve bonfire

Week of June 23, 2019

Persian food with a great host!

Week of June 16, 2019

Preparations are being made for our upcoming trip to the Philippines. More information is available on the following site:

Week of June 9, 2019

Mother Neff State Park date night

Last trip for twins to Bandina

Week of June 2, 2019

Fishing with brothers on Lake Sam Rayburn. Had our limit before 10am!

Walking in the park

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